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Christmas Swim at the Forty Foot in Dublin, Ireland (FB Live Stream)

By 1 m read 283 views
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On a rainy Christmas Day in Dublin, Ireland, Michael & Lisa follow the lead of the daring individuals who claim that it’s a tradition to swim at the Forty Foot! The water on Christmas Day typically hovers around 50F / 10C, and the temperature outside the water is usually about half that!

This is a summary of a FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM with friends.

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Is the London Eye Actually Worth It? (What You Need to Know)

By 5 m read 637 views

In the interest of being brutally honest, let me just start out by saying that we were late to our first visit of the London Eye, located in the heart of London.

We left later than we should have, but still would have been there in plenty of time had our very kind but not-so-efficient Uber driver not taken a couple of wrong turns and altogether missed the giant Ferris Wheel sticking 443 feet up in the air.

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