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7 Signs You’re in the Right Travel Blog

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Headstrong Travel isn’t for everyone. Here are 7 signs that you’re in the right place (and that we should be friends!)…


#1: You like to step out of your comfort zone

When we travel, we try to adventure. That means seeing new places, trying new things, and challenging our preconceptions. You’re never going to hear one of us say, “We didn’t want to get too far from our hotel.” (yuck…)


#2: You believe that “cliché” can be a good thing

At the same time, we don’t believe that we have to reinvent the wheel or find a “hidden gem” at every turn to have a good time. Why do people sip on piña coladas while lounging in Cancún, or stop by Big Ben in London, or pay money to walk through The Louvre in Paris? BECAUSE IT’S ENJOYABLE.


#3: You love animals

You’re likely going to hear/read about our dogs, Titus and Mocha, more than a few times. We’re proud animal lovers, and this often reflects into our perspective during trips. We like restaurants more if they’re dog-friendly, we swoon over monkeys, and we shun destinations that don’t treat animals well.


#4: You see beauty in nightlife & EDM

While we’re no strangers to relaxed, moonlit evenings watching Netflix, and we appreciate music in all forms, we have a genuine passion for EDM and the entertainment industry in general. We often make an effort to visit world-famous nightclubs and festivals to admire how they’re produced.


#5: You lean more “city” than “country”

While nothing is going to stop us from scrambling to catch a sunset through the entrance of our tent or raving about how beautiful the jungle is, “nature” isn’t often the main focal point of our experiences. For us, it’s people, or culture… sometimes wine.


#6: You (really) like food

We often have to remind ourselves Michael that we’re logging our travels, and not just reviewing meals. But if you want opinions, we’ve got plenty!


#7: You dig the details

We want Headstrong Travel to become a resource for like-minded people. Not just a diary. So, we get into the nitty-gritty where we can. Embrace the nitty-gritty.


Welcome to the team, travelers. 🙂

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