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Meet the Headstrong Travelers

We do stuff sometimes.

We’re Michael & Lisa!

We love exploring the world, and our ultimate goal is to go everywhere, one place at a time. We may not actually get there, but damn is the journey going to be beautiful!

Just as you’re likely doing, when we pick someplace to travel to, we do a massive amount research. After our first couple trips together, it didn’t take long for us to notice that, while information is in abundance, all the tourism websites present destinations through hopelessly rose-tinted glasses and — without digging through years of Reddit and TripAdvisor posts — we seldom find the answers to all the “real” questions that arise once we get there! (read: Which place is going to rip me off the least? What is there to do once the sun goes down? Are all these reviews as fake as they look?)

We created Headstrong Travel to help fellow adventurers get real insight and honest answers. For every place we go, we’ll offer our thoughts on where to eat, drink, and sleep, as well as our (often conflicting 🙂 ) opinions on matters such as prioritizing attractions and whether or not you should use the Oxford comma. We also have travel and safety tips, based on real obstacles and laughable situations we’ve come across.

If you’re a Headstrong Traveler — if you like to take a step off the beaten path when you can and stay up past midnight, but you also don’t mind spoiling yourself every now and thenwe hope that you find our spiels valuable, if not entertaining.

We love meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or just to say hi! Maybe we’ll end up on the same vacay one day 🙂

Until then, arrivederci!

You can email us at: contact@headstrongtravel.com